Modern Training for Dogs

Your dog is an important member of your family.

The day we decide to adopt a dog is the day we make a commitment to take care of them for as long as they are with us.

Dogs can go through different phases throughout their lifespan. Starting with the puppy stages, the teenage years, maturing into adulthood and finally the golden years. Each life stage can present different challenges for dog parents.

My mission is to help dogs and their families navigate through those challenges with guidance, training and support to help them live together more comfortably.


Newly Adopted Dog Foundation Training

Get started on the right foot with newly adopted dog foundation training, and possibly prevent future problems.

Basic Obedience & Manners

If your dog pulls on leash, does not listen to you, jumps on people or has other undesirable behaviors.

Problem Behaviors & Modification

If your dog has fear, anxiety, stress, frustration or aggression issues.

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Offering a balanced training approach for training and behavior modification. Each dog is unique in their personality and behaviors, and their training plan should be too. A customized plan will be designed to help you and your dog create and work towards your goals.

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