Helping busy working professionals train their unmanageable dogs.

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  • Improve You and Your Dog’s Relationship
  • End Your Frustrations & Regain Your Sanity
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  • Have a Dog You Can Take Places

Do You Struggle With:

  • Frustration when your dog ignores you
  • Embarrassment when your dog jumps on people
  • Arm, back or shoulder pain when your dog pulls while on a leash
  • Feeling homebound because you can’t take your dog places
  • Feelings of guilt leaving your dog at home when they could go places with you

Not Training Your Dog Can:

  • Increase your feelings of frustration, embarrassment, guilt and hopelessness
  • Lead to bodily injuries
  • Create future problems such as fear, anxiety, frustration, stress and aggression
  • Keep you from enjoying life with your dog

Training Your Dog Can:

  • Build a stronger bond with your dog
  • Give you a calm house again
  • Get your dog to listen to you every time
  • Enjoy walking with your dog
  • Get you a dog you can take places

How to Get Started

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Step 1

Book a Consultation

Let’s connect over the phone for a consultation so I can learn about you, your dog and your training goals.

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Step 2

Get a Customized Training Plan

We’ll design a customized training plan that’s centered around your dog’s needs, your training goals and your busy lifestyle.

Step 3

Start Training Your Dog

Let’s put your training plan into action! You’ll learn the skills to start living the lifestyle you want with your dog.