How Many Dogs Do You Have?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question… and the answer is 3 rescue dogs!

Since you’re reading this, chances are we have a lot in common. You work 40+ hours per week, and feel guilty for leaving your dogs at home while you go to work. Your dogs behave for the most part, but there are certain things you wish they would stop doing like pulling on leash, jumping up on people or barking at other dogs. You adopted your dogs to be able to take them with you to dog-friendly places, not to be stuck at home. Food has gone missing from kitchen tables or countertops. Shoes, toys, furniture or backyard plants have been chewed up or destroyed. I’ve been in your shoes and life does not have to be this way. It can be better!

But What You Really Want to Know Is...

How is your dog training business any different from all the others I’ve looked at? 

I’ve been there before!  Asking friends for referrals and searching online for a dog trainer without really knowing what training I actually needed. I’ve signed up for group classes where I felt invisible because the trainer focused on the one dog that was a complete wreck. I’ve paid for private training with trainers that provided cookie cutter solutions as their magical wand to fix everything, and instead I ended up creating a disconnect between me and my dog.

My training is different in that I work one-on-one with you and your dog. We will do a deep dive to find out what issues are going on, and develop a plan to meet your training goals. 

Something else people like to ask me...

How did you end up training dogs?

In 2010, I started my own pet sitting business, and working with doggy daycare dropouts. The majority of them were great dogs, but were not suited for boarding because of certain undesirable behaviors that kennels aren’t always equipped to handle. These dogs inspired me to start learning about dog behaviors and solutions to better serve my clients. I’ve read books and attended seminars taught by Dr. Ian Dunbar and the late Dr. Sophia Yin. I completed the Canine Behavior Academy through the Marin Humane Society taught by renowned canine behavior consultant Trish King.  I completed the Basic Fundamentals Course and participated in the dog trainers club with Tug Dogs.  I have also fostered and trained shelter and rescue dogs, and helped them find appropriate new homes.

Ready to Get Started?

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